Our platform is designed to help you get more 5-Star reviews which will allow your business to:

1. Attract New Customers. People look at the reviews when searching for businesses to choose. Having lots of positive reviews will help you attract new customers.

2. Build Trust with Potential Customers. When people see a lot of positive reviews, they trust that business and do business with them.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction. When customers see their experience with a business being shared, they are more likely to be satisfied with their own experience.

4. Improve Your Search Engine Ranking. Google’s search algorithm factors in customer reviews, with 30% of a business’s ranking determined by its review score. This means that businesses with more recent and positive reviews will often rank higher in search results.

5. Improve Your Marketing Efforts. Use positive reviews in your marketing materials to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to do business with you again.

Our tools make it easy for customers to leave feedback, and we monitor your reviews to ensure they are positive and helpful.

Step 1: Your Customer Enters Name and Email/Phone Number

Step 2: Your Customer Rates their Experience between 1-5

a) 1-3 is paused giving you time to respond.
b) 4 or 5 goes to review site.


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What you get:

a) More reviews

b) Increase Google rating

c) More money

d) Test drive results

e) Useable Customer list

What we do not need:

a) Money, Credit Card, or Commitment

b) Major Changes to your daily business operation

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